Why Pack.IN.G?

Welcome .. and a short introduction about us. We chose Pack.in.G after the development of the paper factory of the Gulf Carton Factory Company into a new independent brand. The progress of our development plan reaches mainly to machines and products and provides more solutions for packaging and packaging methods. For a moment and (before anything) what do we mean by Pack.IN.G? And what does it symbolize? (Pack In) means that we will provide the best solutions for paper products as a basis and by-products made of plastic or metal materials as well that provide the same benefit to projects and individuals, and symbolize wrapping a gift or food or anything! Either (G) is a link back to our mother factory (Gulf Carton Factory) as we at Gulf Carton call ourselves GCF. Packing a product or its packaging meets many purposes, including the most important of which is to provide the customer's first impression of your interest as a project owner in providing an exceptional experience and your interest in Brand (K) and the values ​​and promises you made to him. We say.. that we at Pack In are interested in being partners in your success journey through our services and solutions.


Excellence in paper industries in GCC


Quality, providing solutions, integrated service, perfection, customer care and high professionalism


To be the best company to offer various products and solutions for businesses and individuals in our sector